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BOB CAMPUS – Transformation einer stillgelegten Textilfabrik Band 1

Montag Stiftung Urbane Räume (eds.)

256 pages
ISBN 978-3-98612-036-8


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How can we build for the common good? The transformation of a former textile factory into the BOB CAMPUS in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen demonstrates how an urban wasteland can be converted into a new space for work, for cross-generational learning, and for dwelling and community.
The design processes involved in the redevelopment of this award-winning site will be showcased in two volumes. Volume 1 focuses on the building process and the spatial characteristics which have been developed over time. Shaped by respect for the historic site and existing building stock in combination with a continuous, co-productive process involving many different actors, the site was developed into a mixed-used property. Specifically, a kindergarten, teaching rooms, offices, homes, and common areas emerged. In addition to illustrating the transformation from an industrial park to an inclusive space for urban community development the book with its striking illustrations gives an example of building for the common good and the potential societal impact. In short, it hopes to inspire others to reproduce this successful approach.

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