Architektur und Resonanz

Christoph Metzger

192 pages, 14 col. and 50 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-930-5


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Buildings and spaces are like instruments: architectural volumes and their materials, surfaces and structures generate a resonance and therefore have a sensorial impact on people. This notion of architecture as a body of sound has been largely neglected up until now, in favor of a purely functional architecture and of a historicism of proportions. Based on art installations from the middle of the twentieth century onwards, which have increasingly incorporated the art of sound and sensory perception, this book presents an architectural history of resonance effects, encompassing individual houses and their monophony, as well as the polyphony of urban areas.

Architecture and Resonance takes a new look at the question of "good architecture" in our times, with regard to acoustic and multisensory experiments and modernist theories, and shows design approaches with a central focus on a holistic appeal to all the human senses.

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