Begründungen der Denkmalpflege in Geschichte und Gegenwart

Hans-Rudolf Meier / Ingrid Scheurmann / Wolfgang Sonne (eds.)

19.5 x 24 cm
256 pages, approx. 40 col. and 160 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-162-0


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Ever since the debates around 1900, led by protagonists such as Georg Dehio, Alois Riegl, Paul Clemen, and others, modern monument preservation has been regarded as a value-based applied historical science. Since that time, monument preservation theory has been shaped by the search for objectifiable criteria that can be applied to the valuation and rating of traditional architectural structures and the assessment of their practical effectiveness as cultural monuments. The articles in this volume trace the theory of valuation from a historical perspective and present an overview of current issues and problems. The book presents aspects of monument preservation in relation to urban planning, as well as debates about recent issues concerning iconography and cultures of remembrance and how they affect monument preservation. In addition, there are summaries of the history of terminology and of the development of the theory behind selected historical valuations. The publication resulted from the research project Denkmal – Werte – Dialog. Historisch-kritische Analyse und systematisch-praktische Konzeption denkmalpflegerischer Leitwerte, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

With contributions by: Arnold Bartetzky, Anke Binnewerg, Bernd Euler-Rolle, Dominique Fliegler, Silke Haps, Hans-Rudolf Meier, Matthias Noell, Birte Pusback, Ingrid Scheurmann, Wolfgang Sonne, Susanne Thiele, Johannes Warda, Stephanie Warnke-De Nobili and Ulrike Wendland.

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