Ware: Wohnen

Politik. Ökonomie. Städtebau

Christopher Dell

14.8 x 21 cm
208 pages, num. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-268-9

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The dispute about housing that has flared up again takes the form of a political experiment regarding the play of forces in a society that was for too long complacent in the certainty that the housing economy could be regulated by the market alone. It is not just about fair dis- tribution, but also about to what extent hous- ing is allowed to become a commodity and, more importantly still, about what can be de- fined as housing in the first place. Housing is a fundamental aspect of society, and taking an interest in it is part of the basis of political self- determination. In light of this, Ware: Wohnen! looks at the history of the controversial de- bates in which housing has taken on the status of a mere commodity. However, Christopher Dell also shows that these conflicts should not just be seen from a negative point of view, as it is the tension between politics, the economy, and urban development that has shaped our current understanding of the urban.


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