Toward Re-Entanglement

A Charter for the City and the Earth

Bauhaus Earth (eds.)

10.2 × 16 cm
56 pages
ISBN 978-3-98612-046-7


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In recognition of the dire threats of climate collapse and mass extinction, the global initiative Bauhaus Earth convened a team of scientists, architects, spatial planners, and policy makers from around the world to author a manifesto. Toward Re-Entanglement is a call for radical action. It challenges all those with a role in the conception, production, operation, and governance of the building sector, to address the systemic ecological, climatic, and social impacts incurred by its activities.
Twelve principles of “re-entanglement” guide the re-design of the entire life cycle of the urban realm: the re-formation and re-materialization of the physical artifacts that comprise it, the reconfiguration of the socioeconomic structures that underpin it, and the re-engagement of the bioregions that might sustainably supply it. In this way, our unprecedented convergence of environmental and social crises offers us powerful opportunities for systemic change.

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