Die Stadt für das 21. Jahrhundert bauen: Das Stadthaus und die Hamburger Stadtentwicklung

Dirk Meyhöfer
Ole Klünder / Simon Vollmer (eds)

22 x 28 cm
176 pages, approx. 180 col. and plans
ISBN 978-3-86859-470-6


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The ubiquitous housing congestion in German metropolises raises the question of how we would or should live and reside in cities today. However, one thing is clear: the problem cannot be solved through large-scale projects alone. We need to consider fair housing construction for all that does not destroy the beauty, sustainability, and quality of life of our cities through densification.
Based on the example of the conversion of the former Finkenau women’s hospital in Hamburg, this book shows how a livable city for all can be created. The focus is on the upTownhouses project, in which the townhouse that has a long tradition in London, Bremen, or Hamburg experiences a renaissance. The typology of the townhouse between a private home and a multi-floor residential building can provide answers to the housing question and results in more than a mere residential or building form. It embodies a decisive building block of the anthropological city that is primarily based on the requirements of people and therefore represents a new metropolitan residential world in the 21st century.

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