Unerkannte Räume

Sechs Experimente im Grenzbereich der Architektur

Anja Soeder / Kilian Schmitz-Hübsch / Alban Janson (eds.)

14.8 x 21 cm
140 pages, approx. 40 ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-361-7


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When seeking new approaches to architectural design, we come across spatial phenomena even outside of architecture that illuminate fundamental architectural issues. Exploring this further leads to areas as various as fashion, film, music, dance, sculpture, or scenography. The relationship between the internal and external that is characteristic of receptacles, the double-sided and multilayered properties of clothing, or the diffuse nature of acoustic spaces reveal a spatial potential that can change the perspective on architectural space. The same applies to the creation of space through dance or scenographic acts, as well as the particular time and space structure of film. Concrete experiments with regard to each of the named phenomena are the starting point for further explanations and insights by an interdisciplinary circle of experts. This has resulted in surprising perspectives for architectural design.
With contributions by Franz Xaver Baier, Elisabeth Blum, Christopher Dell, Alban Janson, Arno Lederer, Doris Zoller, among others.



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