"Typ Berlin"

Corbusier´s Building in Charlottenburg

Bärbel Högner

21 x 19.95 cm
96 pages, 66 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-004-3

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It is the residents who give a house its life and form. Ethnologist and photographer Bärbel Högner was well aware of this when she – and her camera – moved into the building by the avant-garde architect, now commonly known as the Corbusier House, as artist-in-residence in 2007. In the 50s, the architect and painter Le Corbusier confronted the Berliners in their divided city with his concept of communal living; even to the present day, it seems to influence the people living there. Bärbel Högener has captured the interplay between residents and Le Corbusier´s architecture in her impressive, surprising images.

After an idea by Hans E.Roth with an Essay by Dierk Jensen.

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