Gebaute Bildungslandschaften

Verflechtungen zwischen Pädagogik und Stadtplanung

Angela Million / Thomas Coelen / Anna Juliane Heinrich / Christine Loth / Ivanka Somborski

16.5 x 24 cm
240 pages, ca. 130 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-464-5

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Urban development and education must be thought about together-this is a demand that has been getting ever louder in recent years in politics and practice. However, what happens if the city is visualized and also designed as an urban landscape for education? As yet there are only few educational infrastructures in Germany that go beyond a cooperation between parties involved in education and that materialize visibly and sustainably in the urban environment. These are the subject of a new interdisciplinary discourse.
The authors identify cross-over points and interrelationships between urban development and the education sector. As part of a policy field analysis, topics and strategies of the federal government, regions, and municipalities are illuminated and shared approaches, as well as blind spots, are discussed. The concrete architectural and educational implementation of eight educational landscapes in large and medium-sized German cities is portrayed, also tracing motives and reasons behind the cooperations across a variety of departments and disciplines.

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