A Dialogic Instrument in Architectural Design

Carolin Stapenhorst


16.5 x 24 cm

208 pages, 65 ill.


ISBN 978-3-86859-364-8


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Concept—this is a key term in architectural discourse. However, all too often it is used imprecisely or merely for marketing purposes. What is a concept actually? This publication moves between design theory and design practice and follows the history of the definition of concept in architecture, leading to the formulation of a specifically instrumental and operative definition. It bases concept in architecture on its strategic potential in design decision-making processes. In the changing profession of the designing architect, decisions are increasingly made in multidisciplinary groups. Concept can serve as a dialogic instrument in the process, making it possible to process heterogeneous information from a range of spheres of knowledge. The effective presentation of selected information becomes a relevant interface in the design process, which has a significant influence on the quality of the design.

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