Still Detached and Subdivided?

Suburban Ways of Living in 21st-Century North America

Markus Moos / Robert Walter-Joseph (eds.)

25.4 x 20.3 cm
144 pages, approx. 80 ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-457-7


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In this book readers get to be flies on the walls during meetings of four planners, making us rethink what we thought we knew about suburbs. The planners are fictional, the concepts based on academic research, and the arguments substantiated by large amounts of data presented as visually stunning maps and data visualizations. The book offers an accessible yet rigorous account of “suburbanisms” as particular ways of living, demonstrating that aspects of this lifestyle occur simultaneously in urban and suburban places. The approach suggests that policy solutions to suburban problems such as sprawl need to move beyond treating suburbs as homogeneous places in need of urbanization.

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