Stadtentwicklung und Denkmalpflege 13: IntraURBAN

Stadt erfinden, erproben, erneuern

Jürg Sulzer (ed.) (vol. 13)

Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper / Hans-Rudolf Meier / Jürg Sulzer (eds.) (series)

17 x 22 cm
192 pages, 44 col. and 50 b/w 
ISBN 978-3-86859-080-7


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Although often criticized, the european city is still regarded as a model in urban development; one that has proved itself for centuries. However, in the sphere of constantly changing interests and specific values, it has changed in a way that there is a continual need for new experiments, innovative concepts, and a new understanding to develop and preserve it with caution and creativity. IntraURBAN reflects on successful ideas and strategies and presents detailed case studies. Target-oriented urban development solutions are formulated, considering the quality of european cities.



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