Stadtentwicklung und Denkmalpflege 11: Stadtbild und Denkmalpflege

Konstruktion und Rezeption von Bildern der Stadt

Sigrid Brandt / Hans-Rudolf Meier in cooperation with Gunther Wölfle (eds.)

17 x 22 cm
304 pages, 220 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-939633-73-0


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Images of the city are extremely relevant today, especially in the fields of urban planning and development. In the context of interdisciplinary iconographic research science, they have become the subject of reflection on iconic models of perception in those disciplines concerned with the material city on a day to day basis. The essays in this book examine the origins, production, and mediality of images of the city in detail, investigating their function and seductive power and so questioning the desires that they generate or articulate.

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