Space Anatomy

Die räumliche Dimension österreichischer Gesundheitspraxis

Magdalena Maierhofer / Evelyn Temmel / Judith M. Lehner / Kathrin Schelling / Lene Benz (eds.)

16.5 × 23.5 cm
228 pages, num. col. and b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-770-7


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The development of a wide range of new health initiatives and institutions, as well as of innovative care concepts, is currently underway in Austria. Space Anatomy reveals how and where these ideas are being planned and implemented, as well as the impact they have on local cities, communities, and everyday life. Featuring several expert roundtables and contributions by international authors, this book takes an incisive look at the importance of architecture and design on the spatial aspects of health and public health. Numerous successful Austrian projects—from health centers and care homes to results achieved through private initiatives—are provided as examples.

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