Denkmal Ost-Moderne II: Denkmalpflegerische Praxis der Nachkriegsmoderne

Stadtentwicklung & Denkmalpflege 18

Mark Escherich (ed.)


17 x 22 cm

288 pages, num. col.


ISBN 978-3-86859-399-0



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Architecture and urban development of the 1960s and 1970s have now become part of everyday heritage protection and the subject of an interdisciplinary discourse. It is redevelopment practices that have emerged as the actual hurdle with regard to responsible and careful approaches to this heritage. It is not the basic heritage worthiness of this construction era that is questioned, but the possibilities to preserve it successfully. Therefore examples and evidence have to be found to show whether and how these heritage buildings can be adapted to present-day economic, safetyrelated and ecological requirements. Denkmal Ost-Moderne II is based on the conference of the same name and presents current viewpoints and examples from heritage protection practice, including inventorization: how can one make and justify a selection from the enormous range of buildings available? The credibility of heritage protection with regard to post-war modernity depends on this to a significant extent.

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