The Hanoi Museum in Vietnam


Meinhard von Gerkan / Nikolaus Goetze (eds.)
Photographs by Marcus Bredt

19 x 29,2 cm
92 pages, 35 col. and 20 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-330-3


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Building a historic city museum in the capital city of a country that is experiencing vehement political and economic turmoil was a challenge for all those involved. What is the social purpose of this museum? How should it present itself from an architectural and urban development point of view? What has emerged is a solitaire like an inverted pyramid, with layered terraces jutting outwards increasingly towards the top, amidst an artificially laid out park with water features, which provides large areas for outdoor exhibitions.
The responsible architects present the project in this volume. The architecture of the Hanoi Museum is illuminated by means of plans, images, and texts. The renowned specialized journalist Falk Jaeger sets the building within the context of architectural history.

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