architektur + analyse 3: Is There (Anti-)Neoliberal Architecture?

Ana Jeinić / Anselm Wagner (eds.)

16.5 x 22.5 cm
160 pages, approx. 80 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-217-7


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Over the last three decades neoliberal ideology has irreversibly changed our political and economic reality. But what—if any—relationship exists between neoliberalism and our built environment? Is There (Anti-)Neoliberal Architecture? seeks to complement the prevailingly geographical and sociological approaches to neoliberalism by (re)addressing the subject from the specific perspective of architectural theory. The articles collected in the volume focus on various dimensions of the contemporary architecture-system including: architectural practice, disciplinary status, discourse, exemplary projects, theoretical concepts etc. The result offers a multifaceted picture of architecture in the era of neoliberalism and its crisis.

Contributions by Ole Fischer, Maria S. Giudici, Rixt Hoekstra, Tahl Kaminer, Ana Llorente, Olaf Pfeifer, Andreas Rumpfhuber, Ana Jeinić, Oliver Ziegenhardt, and Gideon Boie.

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