Rainer Gröschl

Uwe Haupenthal (ed.)


21 x 29.7 cm

ca. 80 pages with approx. 60 col.


ISBN 978-3-86859-377-8


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Printed graphic works have always played a central role in the oeuvre of the artist Rainer Gröschl, born in Flensburg in 1954. They formed the starting point for his artistic creations in the 1970s, initially representational works based on reality and presented with photo-realistic meticulousness. Since then he has constantly widened his artistic scope. Through the incorporation of modes of expression and techniques adopted from painting and drawing, as well as through interdisciplinary works in the applied fields of architecture and furniture design, Gröschl opened up the possibility of a dynamic process of artistic form-finding. This freedom of choice with regards to techniques goes hand in hand with the systematic exploration of artistic strategies and pictorial languages.

Rainer Gröschl’s art shows a wide spectrum of representational forms, from mimetic depictions of reality to increasing abstraction and concretion. Schwarzmunition (Black Munition) presents works from the last three years and therefore the current development of this wide-ranging artistic oeuvre.

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