Power, Flows, and Transformation

Portraits of Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Spaces

David Bauer / Philipp Misselwitz (eds.)

16 × 24 cm
176 pages, num. col. and b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-98612-020-7


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Accounting for about three-quarters of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, the transformation of energy networks is a pivotal step toward planetary sustainability. To transition our current operating systems to work within planetary boundaries, essential decarbonization strategies need to be put in place that will reshape territories, towns, and streets worldwide.
Power, Flows, and Transformation explores the energy landscapes connected to Berlin and Brandenburg, rendering power supply as a spatial and material phenomenon with an impactful agency. Through the lens of infrastructural assemblages, readers are guided by numerous maps, drawings, and photographs that immerse them in the expansive regimes of urban energy accumulation across the past, present, and future.

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