Historisierendes Bauen in der zeitgenössischen Architektur

Eva von Engelberg-Dočkal
Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper / Hans-Rudolf Meier / Jürg Sulzer (eds.)

17 × 22 cm
176 pages, 145 col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-610-6


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Adopting and adapting historical forms is an integral part of architectural design today. Strictly rejected by some and embraced by others, this practice has provoked controversy since the beginning of modernism. With its assertion of continuity and claim to universality, historicizing architecture from the twentieth century is decidedly antimodernistic—a counterproject to modernistic architecture and yet also a part of modern times. The diversity of historicizing approaches and the history of historicizing construction have received little attention so far—a fact that is especially evident with a comparative view that looks beyond Germany to other countries and their building traditions.
This volume aims to take historicizing architecture seriously as an architectural reality and one possible variation of contemporary building, with a focus on describing and categorizing its diverse concepts and manifestations. In considering historicizing architecture as a contemporary phenomenon, the book places its topic in the context of reconstructions and postmodern ideas while also comparing it with nineteenth-century historicism. This view includes also designs inspired by the classic modernism of the 1920s.

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