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Fakultät Architektur und Stadtplanung der Universität Stuttgart. Wissenschaftliches Jahrbuch 2009

Universität Stuttgart Fakultät 1 – Architektur und Stadtplanung (ed.)

21 x 21 cm
132 pages, 88 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-046-3

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The topic of old and new is an ancient one. The oldest building replaced an even older one—change is the only constant in the history of architecture. Like all truisms, this topos is simultaneously right and wrong! On the one hand, there is constant change. On the other, history has firmly inscribed itself on our environment. The texts in this first yearbook by the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Stuttgart take a proactive, intermediary and personal approach to this topic, using examples of concrete objects, landscapes and the meta-level of architectonic discourse.

With texts by: Tilman Harlander / Dietrich Schmidt / Johann Jessen / Jochem Schneider / Frank Roser / Erwin Herzberger / Helmut Bott / Arno Lederer / Franziska Ullmann / Peter Braumann / Gerd de Bruyn / Wolf Reuter / Klaus Jan Philipp

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