Vertauschte Köpfe

Konrad Mühe, Andreas Mühe

Pit Stenkhoff (ed.)

Softcover with flaps
20.5 × 27 cm
500 pages, 200 col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-751-6


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Vertauschte Köpfe is being published in conjunction with the first joint exhibition by the brothers Andreas and Konrad Mühe at KUNSTWERK Sammlung Klein. How can these siblings—who could hardly be less alike—collaborate on an equal footing, harmonizing their respective artworks? Uniting them is an intensive preoccupation with their family’s history. And their differences are mutually complementary: while the first is concerned with the way in which the family history is interwoven with German history, the second addresses the relationship between human and technological bodies, as well as their political subtexts in the contemporary world.
Not unlike a family whose members tell divergent stories about one another, the catalog takes up various temporal levels and narrative strands. Vertauschte Köpfe hence encompasses multiple books that refer to and challenge one another: the works of Andreas and Konrad Mühe engage in an interplay with texts by Valeria Waibel, Karsten Ehlers, Monika Maron, Kito Nedo, and a comic strip by Gregor Hinz. Hovering in the air is the question: How solid is the substrate of their shared foundation?

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