Eine neue Stadtlandschaft in Dortmund

Edited by Dieter Nellen, Christa Reicher, Ludger Wilde for the City of Dortmund and DSW21 GRUPPE


24 x 32 cm

232 pages, approx. 300 col.


ISBN 978-3-86859-400-3


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One of the most significant current conversion projects in the Ruhr metropolis is in Dortmund. The transformation of two big industrial areas has led to a new urban and park landscape, with Phoenix West as a technology park and Phoenix See as an urban development ensemble. On the one hand, the restructuring involved careful demolition, industrial and cultural preservation, new construction, and rescaling, and on the other hand, in the case of Phoenix See, successfully venturing a conversion in close cooperation with many major and minor private investors. The old industrial ensemble has now almost disappeared—in favor of a new district centered on a lake, with representative addresses and a revitalized center, offering workplaces and residences by the water.

This publication documents the planning, organization, process, and realization of the whole project in detail, through text and images. The authors are those directly involved in the transformation process, as well as renowned publicists and architecture critics.

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