Philosophie der Landschaft

Zwischen Denken und Bild

Adam Jankowski / Robert Lettner / Burghart Schmidt (eds.)

23 x 30 cm
240 pages, 243 ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-138-5

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Can landscape, in all its complexity, really be adequately expressed linguistically and graphically? Is there such a thing as a direct experience of landscape or is its perception heavily influenced from the outset by cultural conventions and pre- conceived notions? In an aesthetic research exercise positioned between the fields of philosophy and art, the painters Adam Jankowski and Robert Lettner together with the cultural philosopher Burghart Schmidt attempt to find answers to these questions. While Burghart Schmidt, in his multifaceted essay, takes up the question of a philosophy of landscape at the junction between thought and art, the pictures of Jankowski and Lettner, which consist of both individual and jointly done works, allow landscape to merge with the reflection of its presentation in the media. In their montages and alienated works, the tradition of landscape painting is literally decoded and put together anew. In doing so, the applied visual technology itself is turned into a visual element. The interplay between philosophical text and art opens up a range of new perspectives on the infinity of landscape.



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