Specific Landscapes

hutterreimann + cejka landschaftsarchitekten

21 x 24 cm
272 pages, num. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-097-5


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What is specific about a place? And how can the hidden potentials of a place, a landscape be made visible? hutterreimann + cejka landschaftsarchitekten have been designing public open spaces such as parks, squares, garden shows and playgrounds as well as residential environments, private gardens and representative complexes for the private sector for ten years now. Their unconventional solutions are characterised by a passion for detail and the courage to make “large gestures” without fear of upsetting the balance. Specific landscapes therefore emerge from an interplay of familiar and new, of reflection and eidetic poetry. This book presents the whole spectrum of unconventional proposals by the landscape architects in multitudinous photographs, plans and drawings as well as accompanying essays.

...Specific Landscapes is a book definitely worth reading not just by landscape designers, but anybody interested in understanding the skilful intersection of design and ecology. Varna Shashidhar, BETTER INTERIORS

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