Landschaften auf den Grund gehen

Wandern als Erkenntnismethode beim Großräumigen Landschaftsentwerfen

Henrik Schultz

16.5 x 24 cm
320 pages, approx. 70 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-305-1


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Landscapes are constantly changing. We perceive them, talk about them, use them, and thereby contribute to changing them. How can one shape this change? To understand a landscape, to enjoy it, to put down roots, to question it, to shape it, one must explore it. Preferably on foot, because walking can be a creative process, in which novelty comes about through the interplay of discovery, flow, and reflection. Everyday life, science, practice, and art offer a wealth of experience in this respect. How can walking help all those who would like to set out to shape their landscapes?
Henrik Schultz explains the background to this, presents examples, and designs and tests a “walking method” that can be applied by planners, citizens, and scientists. Landscape is a social task, which we approach by walking.



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