Demokratisches Grün –
Olympiapark München

Stefanie Hennecke / Regine Keller / Juliane Schneegans (eds.)

16.8 x 24 cm
224 pages, num. col. and plans
ISBN 978-3-86859-230-6

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The Munich Olympiapark of 1972 represents a highly congenial combination of architecture, landscape architecture and public design. It was created with the intention of representing a new democratic Germany. This volume traces the background, the social and political framework and the impact of this project that integrated all planning disciplines. One of the points of focus is the landscape architecture of Günther Grzimek, who developed the idea of a park landscape, outlined by Behnisch and Partners, into a modern public park. In dialogue with original texts by Grzimek, the 22 authors discuss his vision of a both social and spatial topography of the public space and test its relevance in relation to current plans for eg. London, Berlin, or Rio de Janeiro.

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