Beyond Rural Design

Jörg Schröder / Kerstin Weigert (eds.)

21 x 24 cm
352 pages, numerous plans and drawings and approx. 340 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-022-7

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Rural space is the blank spot on the map of contemporary architecture. Cities are becoming our living spaces, or so it seems; the countryside is blacked out. What spatial strategies are practised there, and how do they permeate rural and urban ways of life and settlement? Could a global hinterland emerge via rural peripheries, countryside pioneers, and local energies? What effect is the increasing concern with food production having on architecture and urban development? Landraum seeks instruments of perception and design with which to comprehend the dynamics of rural areas by employing a spatial-architectonic approach. It presents larger-scale works—including buildings—for discussion, and demands a rediscovery of the periphery on the basis of studies, research projects, and artistic interventions. This collection of international projects in rural areas made by Matthias Reichenbach-Klinke and his colleagues at the Chair of Planning and Construction is illustrated with aerial photographs by Klaus Leidorf.



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