Eine Philharmonie für Hannover

Jörg Friedrich / Annett Mickel-Lorenz / Christoph Borchers (eds.)

24 x 26 cm
128 pages, approx. 100 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-341-9

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The Kuppelsaal in Hannover by Paul Bonatz and Friedrich Eugen Scholer, which was opened in 1914, is still the largest concert hall on the European mainland, with its 3600 seats, and soon after it was built it became a striking landmark of the city. In 1962, however, the imposing, almost 50-meter-high dome was divided off in the interior by means of a flat ceiling at cornice level, to improve the acoustics – robbing the unique spatial monument of its overwhelming effect, without achieving any acoustic improvement worth mentioning. This book sets out to draw attention to a magnificent building and to direct the long overdue debate about its renovation. The contributions by renowned architecture researchers illuminate the history of the creation and destruction of the dome, while the book also presents visionary designs and concepts for the future of the legendary domed hall, as a congress center and philharmonic hall.



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