Konferenz zur Schönheit und Lebensfähigkeit der Stadt 11

Christoph Mäckler / Wolfgang Sonne (eds.) for the Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunst

Softcover with flaps

21 × 25 cm

320 pages, num. b/w ill.


ISBN 978-3-86859-757-8



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The beauty of public spaces is a key element in changing the future role of city centers from shopping to providing a space for enjoyment and relaxation. Streets and squares with building facades that augment the city’s image will become the deciding factor in how appealing it is to visitors. An increase in living, working, and culture offerings in the city further results in greater vitality in urban areas. We can still turn the economic crisis, which has been significantly increased by the pandemic, into an opportunity: How do we want to redesign our cities?
The Konferenz zur Schönheit und Lebensfähigkeit der Stadt (Conference on the Beauty and Livability of Cities) has devoted itself to fundamental questions in urban development for over a decade. The contributions in this volume combine economic, social, ecological, and mobility questions of the city centerdevelopment with architectural and urban planning considerations.

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