Neue Perspektiven auf die Bauhaus-Rezeption
Mit einem Vorwort von Ines Weizman

Bauhaus-Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur und Planung (ed.)

17 × 24 cm
272 pages, 30 col. and b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-693-9


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100+ presents new approaches to the history and significance of the Bauhaus. The year 1919 serves as a starting point for a micro-historical consideration of the institution’s global reach, including previously repressed voices, particularly those of queer protagonists. The avant-garde is revealed to embody inherent tensions between belief in progress and a claim to timeless validity. A close look at radical Bauhaus manifestos and positions on lifestyle design also reveal new perspectives on the relationship to state intervention and the power of private interests. With such considerations in mind, the sociotechnological utopias of the Bauhaus in all their ambivalence are examined for their sustainability with regard to the architectural, social, and political challenges of the twenty-first century.

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