Zusammenhalt braucht Räume

Wohnen integriert

Christine Hannemann / Karin Hauser (eds.)

Swiss brochure
17 × 24 cm
192 pages, approx. 150 col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-640-3


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The return of the housing issue, stemming from the problems of housing costs, immigration and segregation, has met with great resonance among the wider public. The ‘how’ of housing has drawn attention once again. Lower middle-class housing in an enclosed residential unit, which established itself in the 1920s, dominates up until today but has been outdated for a long time. This housing concept—a living room, bedroom and children’s room, as well as a kitchen, bathroom and hallway—runs counter to housing that fosters integration, participation and social cohesion. Special opportunities are opened up in this respect by projects that enable the intercultural, moderated and communal cohabitation of various social groups and persons from different geographical backgrounds: integrative housing projects. The authors of this volume have sought out some of these and examined them in case studies. This book focuses on the cohabitation of locals and the newly immigrated.

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