Theorien des Wohnens

Eine kommentierte Anthologie

Kirsten Wagner (ed.)

17 × 24 cm
448 pages, 60 b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-724-0


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The anthology Theorien des Wohnens systematically collates the twentieth century’s central theories of dwelling for the first time. The key philosophical and sociological texts presented here provide an overview of the various approaches to understanding dwelling as an anthropological reality, as a social practice, and as a cultural form. The philosophical and architectural- historical contexts of the individual contributions are provided by the editor’s commentary, which demonstrates that each theoretical concept of dwelling refers directly or indirectly to spaces of dwelling that were being designed or already extant during the same period. The texts collected in this stimulating inventory of knowledge remain as relevant as ever, and offer a basis for engagement both with current crises in dwelling and with transformations of its temporary and collective forms.

With contributions by Gaston Bachelard, Ernst Bloch, Pierre Bourdieu, Michel de Certeau, Paul-Henry Chombart de Lauwe, Luce Giard, Martin Heidegger, Henri Lefebvre, Georges-Hubert de Radkowski, Amos Rapoport, and Hermann Schmitz

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