Lincoln Revisited

Gebrauchsspuren einer Wohnbebauung

Lorenzen Mayer Architekten

With photographs by Till Schuster

Softcover with flaps
20 × 26 cm
72 pages, 69 col. und 4 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-607-6


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The Lincoln Quarter in Münster is turning twenty—time for a reassessment. Built to the plans of German-Danish firm Lorenzen Mayer Architekten, the district can be regarded as an early example of the post-cold war conversion and densification of former barracks in Germany. Lincoln Revisited examines how homes and their surroundings have been used, going far beyond pure architectural documentation. Through discussions with residents and those who commissioned the project it provides a testbed for key urban planning concepts such as: car-free streets, social mixing, and the application of design codes. Photographer Till Schuster’s personal perspective juxtaposes the intentions of the past with the reality of the present. The result is a portrait of a quarter that has aged gracefully, but now appears more lively and diverse than ever.

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