Collaborative, affordable, regenerative

Praeger Richter (eds.)

17 × 24 cm
296 pages, num. col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-615-1


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Cost pressure, changing living conditions, growing demands for the reuse of building materials—with their Ausbauhäuser, the Berlin-based architectural studio Praeger Richter has provided a much-noticed answer to the challenges currently facing housing construction.
This volume describes the implemented ideas that transform buildings into independent housing projects and long-term user-friendly, adaptable homes, using nine Ausbauhaus principles. Through the examples of four residential projects—the Ausbauhaus Neukölln, the Solid Timber Houses Neuruppin, the Tobacco Factory Dresden, and the recently completed Ausbauhaus Südkreuz in Berlin—the book questions existing building standards and examines the principles of individual framing, DIY fit-out, urban context, and ecological interior construction.

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