Elektropolis - Chances & Visions

Bewag AG, Berlin (ed.)

23.5 x 31 cm
80 pages, plans, 111 b/w and 131 col.
ISBN 978-3-936314-00-7

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Power stations and distribution stations are seen as imposing evidence of Berlin’s unprecedented industrialization in the 19th century. Today, though, technological developments have left them outdated and stripped them of their original purpose. In the last few years, Bewag, the Berlin energy provider that owns them, has set itself a twofold task: not just to maintain the buildings, but also to find them new uses that are both economically viable and manageable. Two excellent examples, Steglitz Power Station and Scharnhorst Step-down Station, were looked at in cooperation with students from Berlin’s Technical Polytechnic. The results were project studies that were innovative and particularly creative with high quality graphic planning. Both building complexes are among the most important facilities of their sort. Both were designed by Hans Heinrich Müller, Bewag’s chief architect between 1924 and 1930. The “Elektropolis - Chances and Visions” publication aims to illustrate the variety of possible reuse concepts and their actual realization potential, with the constant dual aim of preserving the historic buildings and finding an optimal economic use. In this way, the book also contributes decisive suggestions for the discussion about the possibilities of reusing industrial architecture. With contributions from Hans Achim Grube, Jörg Haspel und Mara Pinardi.

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