Home not Shelter! 2

Gemeinsam bauen und wohnen in Wien

Ralf Pasel / Alexander Hagner / Ralph Boch / Max Hacke / Team Traudi (Eds.)

Swiss binding with flaps
17 x 24 cm
200 pages, num. col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-513-0


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Ein Realisierungsprojekt zur Schaffung integrativer Wohnformen für Geflüchtete und Studierende

The conceptual work by the initiative Home not Shelter! regarding new forms of housing for refugees and students was followed in summer 2016 by the first realization in Vienna. Home not Shelter!—primarily a group of students at the Technical University Vienna—succeeded in converting part of an office building into a communal residence that is now run by a social welfare organization. The project idea that had emerged as an Austrian contribution to the Architecture Biennial 2016 was taken up and developed further.
The publication shows the remarkable cooperation of those involved, from the building owner to the operator, the involved universities, a foundation, the students, and the refugees, documenting the whole process. The result is a convincing model project for alternative and participative ways of creating places for arrival, living together, and transition.

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