Gebaute Welt | Gelebter Raum

Vom möglichen Nutzen einer phänomenologischen Raumtheorie für die städtebauliche Praxis

Saskia Hebert

16,8 x 24 cm
208 pages, approx. 30 ill. and 20 sketches and diagrams
ISBN 978-3-86859-149-1

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All around the world more people live in urban areas than ever before. On a local level, the BUILT-UP WORLD poses a variety of challenges to all those involved with its spatial development, which seem almost impossible to overcome using traditional planning methods. This book advocates the perception of urban space as EXPERIENCED and the appreciation of habitation as an expression of an existential being-in-the-world in a specific spatial location. It stipulates that if this were to succeed, then those who carry out the shaping of space would be able to benefit from the insights of a phenomenological theory of spatiality. Furthermore, the cities that are in a difficult and postindustrial process of transformation would be able to profit from the natural involvement of their inhabitants.



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