Eckhard Gerber—Der Klang der Architektur

Dieter Nellen / Jürgen Tietz (eds.)

Clothbound with dust jacket
16.5 x 23.9 cm
256 pages, num. col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-491-1


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The Sound of Architecture is a personal book about the internationally active Dortmund architect Eckhard Gerber. It is the story of a life between East and West Germany, shaped by his parental home, a Protestant parsonage in Thuringia, his studies in Braunschweig, and his constantly being put to the test by his profession. Eckhard Gerber played the trumpet at an early age and still plays it today. It is no accident that his architecture possesses a musical dimension, combining clarity and emotion.
The book is a portrait of an architect’s life, richly documented and rendered with sensitivity by Jürgen Tietz, together with personal texts written by companions and colleagues from across many years. It’s a book that deals with the current issues of architecture and urban planning: Baukultur and the culture of architectural competitions, designing in historical context, art in architecture, and, not least, the social responsibility that architecture bears.

With contributions by Falk Jaeger, Kaspar Kraemer, Gerhard Langemeyer, Rouven Lotz, Dieter Nellen, Sebastian Redecke, Christa Reicher, Dietrich Sattler, Wolfgang Sonne, and Jörn Walter

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