Uwe Kowski WEISS

24 x 25,6 cm
76 pages, 25 col. and 3 b/w 
ISBN 978-3-86859-175-0

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Uwe Kowski, born in Leipzig, studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in the city. He is a painter of distinctive art-historical awareness. His interest in the history of painting has already manifested itself and he appreciates his individual role within this context; he is particularly interested in situations in which the painted frees itself of the object in favour of a general colour composition. Uwe Kowski demonstrates calculation and spontaneous intuition in equal measure when painting. He uses small, coloured brush drawings as the basis of his image compositions in an almost classical manner. An apprenticeship as a sign painter before his studies gave the artist this confidence in placing such pictorial elements onto the surface. This book presents new canvasses produced by Kowski from 2008 to 2011; they are explained in text and interviews by Anna-Maria Ehrmann-Schindbeck, head of Tuttlingen Municipal Gallery and Ulf Küster, curator of the Fondation Beyeler.

With contributions by Anna-Maria Ehrmann-Schindbeck, Ulf Küster.

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