Monsters and other truths

Picture Stories by Karla Kowalski

Werner Durth (ed.)

24 x 32 cm
208 pages, 77 b/w and 140 col.
ISBN 978-3-936314-62-5

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Fantastic creatures of fable – drawn, modelled or fired in clay – give an insight into the astonishing diversity of work by the architect Karla Kowalski. In this book, she offers readers a comprehensive view of her creative work outside the architectural sphere. Using open hatching, dreams and desires are sketched as inner landscapes or the provinces of the soul; familiar figures are transformed – by weird metamorphoses – into bizarre creatures of unknown breeds, and the emergent monsters from another cosmos uncannily enter our everyday world. With their iridescent clothing, fur or skin, they are messengers of other truths beyond the reality that architects are able to conjure up with their designs – when they pursue their desires in drawing. Essays by Manfred Sack, Werner Durth, Peter Blundell Jones, Frank R. Werner and Karin Wilhelm throw light on Karla Kowalski’s drawings and sculptures from different angles, so helping to make this book into one that can also be read as the theory of a different kind of design; as a poetic corrective to the usual prescriptions of specialist literature.

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