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Zehn Strategien für die Architektur

Olaf Bahner / Matthias Böttger / Laura Holzberg (eds.) for the Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten BDA

Swiss brochure
17 × 24 cm
208 pages, num. col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-659-5


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There’s a new imperative in construction: preserve the existing stock! Ten architecture teams describe their individual strategies and attitudes with regard to the care of existing building and housing stock. They make a case for mindful retention and renovation of what is extant, as well as for exploring new ideas. Their strategies start with an appreciation of the buildings that are already there and of the permanence of construction. The central questions of the volume ask how city planning approaches and collaborations in the public interest can provide new possibilities for existing building stock, what potential for continued construction lies dormant in urban frameworks and in the “in-between cities”, and how unused buildings in regional locations can be activated through participation programs. On top of that, the contributors formulate strategies for buildings that are being constructed today—the housing stock of the future—ranging from the circular use of materials to creating openness and transformability for challenges yet to come.

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