Die Bodenfrage

Klima, Ökonomie, Gemeinwohl

Stefan Rettich / Sabine Tastel (eds.)

14 × 21 cm
144 pages, num. col. graphics
ISBN 978-3-86859-669-4


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We live on the ground and with the ground. It feeds us and it cools the earth’s atmosphere. We need it for housing, we use it for leisure and for work: without free access to land our economic model would not work. But this has changed significantly since the global financial market crisis. Since conservative investments lost their economical appeal, our land has become an international asset in high demand. Rising rents are one of the main symptoms. But essentially, this affects far more: Our social market economy, our community, and a successful approach to climate change are at stake. The main part of the book is a manual covering 36 different aspects of the land issue, featuring clear graphics and categorized into the three sub-areas of climate, economy, and the common good. Five essays and one interview by well-known authors provide references and possible solutions for one of the most pressing questions of our time.

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