Bureau Savamala Belgrade

Urban Research and Practice in a Fast-changing Neighborhood

Jürgen Krusche / Philipp Klaus (eds.)

16.5 x 24 cm
208 pages, 185 ill.
English/partly Serbian


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Savamala, a once traditional district of Belgrade that had fallen into neglect since the 1950s, has been experiencing rapid changes in recent years. Owing to its location close to the city center, on the bank of the Sava, it has become attractive for those within Belgrade creative and gastronomic circles, as well as for global investors.
This study by the Bureau Savamala research team documents not only the material and socio-economic changes in Savamala, but also changes in local perceptions. Local architects, artists, and cultural figures present projects that were carried out in 2013 as part of Urban Incubator Belgrade and were designed to contribute to the regeneration of Savamala, avoiding the negative consequences of gentrification. The experience of Savamala clearly shows to what extent upgrading is possible and worthwhile. It also shows what its limits are and how culture, design, and art can initiate and guide these processes.

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