Berlin—Die Schönheit des Alltäglichen

Urbane Textur einer Großstadt

Frank Peter Jäger (ed.)

17 x 24 cm
192 pages, num. col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-380-8
updated reprint: 06.2018


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What makes a city what it is? What embodies its essence?
Berlin – Die Schönheit des Alltäglichen (Berlin – The Beauty of the Everyday) is a different kind of city guide: it does not lead one to the famous sights of the capital, but instead draws attention to the everyday esthetic of the urban landscape, to the details of the buildings and materials shaped by time and history—the design phases of subway interiors, the strict clarity of Berlin streets, and the apartment building as the smallest unit of the urban, whose seemingly uniform character proves to be surprisingly diverse from close up. The contributions in the book are dedicated to these everyday architectures that shape the identity and the face of the city and should be preserved. Numerous photographs take you into the pictorial world of Berlin and encourage you to explore the phenomenon of its urban space and its temporal layers yourself.

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