Wohnbauten entwerfen. Ein Handbuch zur Lehre

Prof. Carsten Lorenzen

Carsten Lorenzen (ed.)

Softcover with flaps
20 x 26 cm
400 pages, approx. 250 col. and plans
ISBN 978-3-86859-568-0

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The demand for new homes is currently a focus of societal and political discussion. A considerable construction boom is being driven by an ever-increasing need for urban housing. Amid all this building activity, however, the question of what future living spaces should look like has yet to be answered. This has resulted in the erection of ubiquitous, uninspiring residential buildings—most of them generic structures lacking in vision and conceptual approach.
This manual documents and analyzes the conceptually strong residential building projects designed over the past 14 years by students at Professor Carsten Lorenzen’s Chair of Residential Building and Design. The book comprehensively showcases a full range of residential building types—from neighborhoods to tower blocks to small-scale home-building projects. The conceptual approach encouraged by the university context leads to surprising architectural solutions, enriching the discourse on this topic. In addition to this, the text introduces the Chair’s teaching methods using the example building materials brick and concrete. The manual presents a collection of different residential building typologies, concepts, and presentation methods that will serve as a source of inspiration for students, teachers, and builders.

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