StadtHochDrei—Berlin Mitte

Klaus Theo Brenner / Dominik Krohm / Peter Stephan

20 x 29 cm
124 pages, num. col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-529-1


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StadtHochDreiBerlin Mitte is an experimental project in urban architecture that intends to show, using six plots of land in Berlin, what makes a lively city. This not only involves designs that have architectural, theoretical, and historical dimensions, but also an urban politics with a significance that extends beyond the site itself.

In the interests of creating an animated cityscape, the focus of the designs is on thematizing the historic Berlin housing block, with high-rise elements at suitable points. Only this approach allows for a building volume that extends in all directions, and with it a diversity that is functional as well as typological and fond. It represents a modern understanding of city architecture for the purposes of creating an urban environment between historical reflection and avant-garde design attitudes. Peter Stephan’s contribution to the topic of high-rise buildings and the avant-garde creates a basis and framework for the design of city architecture with the aspirations described here.

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