Ein Architektur-Magazin von und über Knerer und Lang

Knerer und Lang Architekten GmbH (ed.)

Softcover with flaps
20.5 × 27.5 cm
196 pages, num. col. and s/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-731-8


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“From the very first editorial meetings, it became clear to us that we didn’t want to convey our approach to architecture through a straightforward overview and a series of photographs. We have always been interested in the (sometimes critical) ways that others view our buildings.” Thomas Knerer and Eva Lang
Since the foundation of the Knerer und Lang office in 1993, the perception of architecture has changed. The importance of design and functionality is increasingly being forced into the background to make way for alleged cost savings. RFKLX broaches the two aspects of reception and relevance in a snapshot of contemporary discourse. In doing so, it makes space for critical voices, as well as for a confrontation with the world of work in which architects operate and are continuously faced with new challenges.

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