Europan 15: The Productive City 2


Europan Deutschland e. V. / Vesta Nele Zareh (eds.)

Swiss brochure
104 pages, num. col. ill.
21 × 28 cm
ISBN 978-3-86859-642-7


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The disintegration of European cities and the loss of identity threatened by this decay is proceeding at a seemingly unstoppable rate. Europan 15 is dedicated to the “productive city” and seeks to identify concepts for synergies between living and working in the future. The theme focuses on three key issues: resources, mobility, and equity. Communal approaches to solutions that rethink cities and take social and ecological questions into account are at the forefront of the project.
Since 1988, the Europan Association has promoted the exchange of ideas in the field of innovative housing and city planning among European countries. It hosts one of the most important competitions for up-and-coming young architects globally. This catalogue compiles the competition entries for sites in Germany as well as the German winners for the 2019 sites in Europe.

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