Der Architekt Ernst Zinsser

Modelle seiner Bauten in Hannover

Zvonko Turkali / Jens Broszeit / Arlette Feltz-Süßenbach / Henrik Weber

20 x 27 cm
96 pages, 108 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-453-9


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With his buildings that emerged in Hanover between 1937 and 1970, the architect Ernst Zinsser has had a lasting influence on the cityscape. The buildings are considered exemplary with regard to post-war modernity in Germany and provide a comprehensive overview of the tasks building was faced with in that era. They are characterized by the detailed façades typical of that time and the accomplished design of foyers and entrance situations.
In the context of a seminar at the Institute for Design and Building Theory by Prof. Zvonko Turkali, students at the Faculty for Architecture and Landscape at Leibniz University Hanover analyzed the work of the architect Ernst Zinsser and constructed models of his buildings. This book, which is being published alongside the exhibition of the models in the rooms at the Architektenkammer Niedersachsen, honors the work of the great Hanover architect and supplements the model presentation with illustrative and planning material.

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